Top 4 Logo Evolution of Popular Brands in 2016

The Brand image created by logo design have proven not to be static over time, at some point, the logo is bound to face changes if not the whole of it. Rebranding a company logo as it is often considered to be necessary, there is usually the need to ensure that the aim of the rebrand is met and the image of the brand is intact to the customers. Some of the famous brands have rebranded their logos in an effort to further develop their corporate identity, repositioning with the changing market or even resolve bad reputation among other factors.

As the world of an internet might be evolving many companies find it relevant to have a revision in their image. One of the branding element that adopts this change include the logo design.

Here I have compiled a collection of some logos that have had tremendous changes and adjustments over the past one years.


Old and New Google Logotype

Google is one of the world known search engine with the mission; to take the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Recently Google has redesigned its brand identity from its elements the Google Logotype, Google G, and Dots with the aim to make Google more useful to the users.

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The Google new logotype maintained simplicity and approachable style through the geometric sans-serif typeface. This kind of logotype stands to be legible in various sizes and weights for all the media both print and screen based on google.


Old and New Bing Logo

Microsoft’s Bing a search engine has rebranded its logo with the change of case in “B” and its B element. Bing rebrand still holds the aim to turn into a platform for developers and users to tap into a vast array of data. This is reflected in the improved performance of the search engine.


Logo Previous and New

Instagram, world’s most popular social media platform launched a new look this year in its brand. The original retro camera logo was replaced with a solid background of swirling oranges, yellows, purples and pinks with the outline of the camera at the center.

Instagram rebrand come by adopting the evolving Instagram users from a place to simply sharing filtered photos to a community platform that is diverse. Much focus has shifted to the user with the simple design focusing on users photos and videos.


Mastercard Logo Old and New

Mastercard unveiled a new logo this year after 20 years. Mastercard logo design illustrates the evolution of the brand identity in emphasizing simplicity, connectivity, and seamlessness as from Pentagram. The logo has been redesigned on the basis of simplicity with the overlap of red and yellow circles forming an orange connection.

The logotype change also has enabled legibility in the various medium. This overall change has marked Mastercard Logo design recognizable around the world.

Have you noted any changes in the famous world brands? feel free to voice your thoughts in the comment below.

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