Logo Design Tutorial: How I designed Vintage Media Logo

Developing a graphical element that stands to mark an organization, corporate institution or even an individual might be involving. Promoting an image through a logo takes a process and the ultimate purpose of this process is to come up with working solutions for the client.

Creating a logo that would be effective in the public requires understanding principles for logo design. In this tutorial, I will cover the design process I used in designing Vintage Media Logo, from the briefing to the final presentation of the design work.At the end of the tutorial, you would be able to design your own logo.

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding what a logo is if not the case. I have provided useful links below to be on the same page.

Let’s Get started

In designing a logo design process needs to be applied to be able to monitor the progress, evaluate the input and also manage time as it is of essence

The initial stage is developing a brief, that would provide a guideline, research, and ideation. Here are the initial ideas developed from brainstorming.

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How to Writing a Design Brief that Works

Vintage Media logo has an element with a play button and letter V. I designed the logo with basic geometric forms with an addition of typography using Adobe Illustrator.

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1. Creating a New Document

Got to File>New(Control+N) to make a New Document. From the Dialogue box, Name the document, Set the Units to Pixels, and enter 800 x 600 respectively for the width and height of the document. From the Advanced options and select RGB, Screen (72 ppi), and activate the Align New Objects to Pixel Grid box then clicking OK.

Activate the Grid (View > Show Grid). From Edit>Preference>General (Control+K) set the grid to every 50 px, and Subdivisions to 4.
Set the units to Pixels with except the Type to Points from Edit > Preferences > Units > General.

2. How to Create the Logo Element

Step 1
Take the Polygon Tool in the toolbar. Remove the fill color and then set the stroke color to Black in the Swatches panel.

Click at the center of the canvas to create a triangle, from the dialogue box set the radius of the polygon to 110 px and sides 3.

Create the second triangle with a radius of the polygon 67 px and sides 3 and place it touching the top vertex.
Create the third triangle with a radius of the polygon 55 px and sides 3 touching the base of the second triangle and one side of the first triangle as shown.
Draw the fourth triangle with a radius of the polygon 43px and sides 3 touching the base of the second triangle and one side of the third triangle as shown.

Step 2

Select the first triangle and set its vertex radius to 20.75 px From Effect> Stylize> Round Corners Enter 20.75 px and click OK.
Select the second triangle and go to Effect> Stylize> Round Corners enter the radius 12.09 px and click Ok. Select the third triangle and set the round corner to 12 px from Effect> Sytlize> Round Corners and click Ok. Do the same with the fourth triangle set the radius of the round corner to 12px.

Select all the triangle with Selection Tool (V) and Go to Object in the Menu Bar and select Expand Appearance

Step 3
Select all shapes with the Selection Tool (V), and then take the Shape Builder Tool from the Tool Bar (Shift-M), filling it with any color in the Swatches panel.

Drag it to form the lower portion of the triangle, drag on the other side separately and finish with the final side to complete a triangle shape.

Select the projecting shape at the top and delete it. Select the elements formed and delete any other items formed.

Step 4
Draw a radial gradient with the Gradient Tool (G) in each of the elements of the logo, using as fill colors A (R: 173, G: 208, B: 54) and B (R: 55, G: 114, B: 37).

Applying Gradients in the shapes of logo to generate a 3D appearance

Select all the element with the Selection Tool (V) from the Tool Bar and Group; Object>Group (Control+G)

Step 5
Select all the elements with the Selection Tool (V), Rotate by 68.21° From the Rotation Tool in the Tool Bar. With Alt pressed down left click with the mouse button the mid -point of the triangle, from the dialogue set the angle of rotation to 68.21° and click OK.

Place the logotype as shown below with the swatches as (R: 50, G: 48, B: 49) and (R: 108, G: 190, B: 69).

Select the whole logo and group (Control+G). Position it on the canvas with the Align panel.

Turn off the Grid (Control-“).

final logo design for vintage mediaAll done!

I hope you were able to learn in the process of design the logo.
Hope to see more logo tutorials next time.
If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them in the comments below.

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