4 Simple Logo Design tips

Guidelines for logo design that needs to be considered for effective communication of the brand message.

Each and every time from when we wake up, taking a walk till late, we have encountered with a logo design that is all around us. This logos serve as a reminder of a company or a product to the general public; on the other side client view logo as an identity on which their brand hangs. This leaves the designers with the challenge of incorporating our clients perspective into one single graphic that will create a mark.

The challenge that is bound to arise with the wide range of logos is to ensure you stand to be different. How do you create something original that stands out in the midst of identities?

In this article, I have outlined some of the tips for tuning your process…

01. Logo Design Principles

Principles of good logo design
In my previous article Basic principles of a logo design I have pointed the guidelines that ensure effective logo design. A logo stand to be effective with considering the identity guides for a simple in form logo, distinctive, appropriate, practical and also conveys an intended message. This principles applies for memorable and versatile logo.

02. Establish your Identity design process

Simpauls Design Process

Most Designer would easily formulate their own design process, and in most cases it is rarely linear. The design process and also a times the branding process from the initial stage to the final can be adopted from this general guideline.

  • Formulate Design brief.This marks the design problem that the designer need to develop solution to. This design brief is obtained from either interview with the client or administer questionnaire.
  • Develop Research.To inform your brief a research is usually conducted on the respective industry, the history around and the competitors take.
  • Reference. Consider the working and successful logo designs together with the trends relevant and are related to the design brief.
  • Develop Sketch and concepts. The logo need to be developed around the brief and the research out of it.
  • Reflection. Take breaks throughout the design process. This allows your ideas to mature and lets you get renewed enthusiasm. Receive feedback.
  • Consider Presentation. Choose to present only a select few logos to the client or a whole collection. Get feedback and repeat until completed.

03. Research on your target audience

As an effective logo mark an identity to your audience it also need to communicate the brand message. A detailed research need to be able to inform the designer to conceptualize ideas that develop the brand and communicate its position. Once the research on the audience is comprehensive it would trigger the development of concepts.

The clients need to be highly advised to be involved as more emphasis is on getting essential message that is clear before proceeding to any actual designing.

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04. Consider Learning from others

Nike Successful Logo design
Nike logo is an example of identity that was effectively executed with only a swoosh to mark a highly successful logo design. The logo is a great example of a strong, memorable logo, effective without color and also easy to scale. Observing the areas in which other brands have succeeded and the factors behind might arise insight that could be applied on the progressing work.

Another example is the NBA logo. This is one of many great logos, the identity for the brand is dynamic, vertical in form, and captured the essence of the game.

creative nba logo design

What design tips for logo design have you considered  for effective communication of your brand message?


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