The Need for Logo Design

Every business needs to start with a logo before heading to the design of a business card or selecting colors for your brand.

The two basic forms of logos are abstract symbols. Example the apple in Apple Inc. or logotypes, a stylized rendition of your company’s name. A combination of both can be used. A logotype or word mark is much easier to recall hence it is widely used compared to abstract symbols which might be hard to remember.

The logo in most cases is likely to feature your company name, embedded with a little color and perhaps a few graphic. Your logo is the most important design element reason being it is the basis for all the other materials: stationery, promotional materials, packaging, and signage.

Through the use of color and graphics, your logo should reflect the overall image you want your company to convey, a brand identity and marketing company. It should give people a feel for what your company is all about.

Attempting to create a logo on your own may seem like the best way to avoid the high costs of going to a professional designer, which will charge thousands for a logo alone. However, there are independent designers, Simpauls being one of them as I advertise online and charge much less.

It is highly recommended to find a designer who is familiar with your field and your competition, this is because your logo is the foundation for all your promotional materials.


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