Impact on Use of Hashtag

power of hashtag

One of the most utilized tactics in achieving success in marketing with the aim to promote a brand is through hashtags.

As you either manage and monitor social media for a corporate brand or your personal brand, it is important to use hashtags to promote your brand.

The hashtags in most cases are used on social media to categorize content and making it easier for users to find content related to a topic specified. By adding hashtags to your posts, you make your content accessible to a broader audience beyond your followers. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram posts benefit most from hashtags organically as opposed to paid.


Tips on Using Hashtags

Consistency in the use of hashtags needs to be with your brand and the target audience. Hashtags help in extending your reach by attaching your brand’s content to larger conversations.

Use hashtags that make sense for your brand and consumers that are engaging with your brand.

Research which hashtags competitors are using to promote themselves within your industry

Spend time on each social platform and take note of the hashtags consumers are using with your brand name

Hashtag Use

Taking into consideration of proper hashtag use plays a major role in ensuring that your hashtags are adopted.

  • Make sure you use the pound sign (#)
  • Don’t add spaces between words within a hashtag
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word within hashtags to ensure readability  (#WorshipWedneday)
  • Don’t make your hashtags too long (especially on Twitter as the characters are limited)


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