How To Write A Design Brief That Work

How to write a graphic design brief that workFor a successful outcome of a graphic design project that is of a high quality that meets clients need an effective design brief is required. Reason being it outline what the client wants to achieve and also act as a point of reference for everyone involved. This includes the client, designer or organization.

From a design brief the designer (s) is able to identify with the expectations a client is looking out for. This enables the designer to familiarize with the need of a client and the capabilities to exceed the expectations.

With the design brief, a designer is able to monitor the progress of the work while still in the scope of providing a solution to the design problem. The clients also may identify with their need being meet in the design process. Therefore the brief should be oriented in giving design solution within the objective of the business. Anything done out of the design brief will alter the intended results of the design project.

What to include in developing an effective design brief:

Corporate identity:A brief summary of the business is perfect.

Target market: This includes — age, gender, income, geography, lifestyle of those the client wants to reach (Demographic).

Communication Background: The client needs to provide communication activity, such as research, advertising, direct mail, graphic design, public relations used in the business etc.

Objectives: What does the client want to achieve? Where possible, make the objectives specific and the results measurable.

Values to communicate: What messages do you want the visual design to communicate to your target market?

Develop a timeline and deadline:A realistic and detail timeline on the project need to be given to the designer taking into consideration ideation, development of a concept, refinement before the presentation of the final work.

For the case of a client who hasn’t developed a brief, as a designer, it is important to have the set of questions to be administered as questionnaires.

Anything else? If you have any special requests or comments, add that info in the last box of the brief.

You’re now ready to get a design you love!

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