What services do you provide?

Simpauls provides a full range of graphic design and brand identity design services. These are achieved through the dedication to empowering clients with the means to reach their goals through the strengths of branding and by crafting creative solutions to thrive in the market. In addition, I also offer a comprehensive and well-integrated approach to branding to serve your company, group or organization.

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Who is Simpauls?

In my formative year, I was certain that I wanted to get into the design industry but first I needed a brand name to be associated with, I won’t say it was easy. Personally, I had a number of options but nothing stood out like Simpauls. This was a friend’s (Scofield) idea of having the acronym Paul and Simiyu. Following the insight¬†on the idea, I wouldn’t have hesitated to adopt it. I appreciate simplicity in the design, my view in a good design is as little design as possible.

Let me make it simple for you