Common Mistake Graphic Designers Make

mistake graphic designers makeThere are common mistakes graphic designers make in their line of work. As a matter of fact, we may fail to admit it. When I start making my way as designers, I made lots of mistakes. Once you start working for the various entities, you quickly learn that there are a lot of things you need to avoid as a designer.

Although we make mistake, we need to be aware of them. Usually, there is a lesson to learn from this mistakes, hoping you can learn the same too…

Mistake Graphic Designers Make

  1. Failing to draft the brief
  2. Not Sketching Before any Design work
  3. Forgetting White Space is your Friend
  4. Using too Many Different Fonts in One Design
  5. Failing to proofread
  6. Not Using Rulers on Screen
  7. Using Low-Resolution Web Images for Print Media
  8. Not Designing Logos in Vector Format
  9. Forgetting to Saving Frequently
  10. Absence of Backing up Files on an External Hard Drive
  11. Not Asking for a Down Payment before Starting a Project
  12. Avoiding Contracts in your work
  13. Under Charging for Design Projects
  14. Failing to set Deadlines for Projects
  15. Not Staying Up on Current  Design Trends
  16. ‘Borrowing’ other people’s work
  17. Taking constructive criticism too personally

Avoiding some of these simple mistakes graphic designers make, may give you a better hand working in the design industry.

Which mistakes as a graphic designer have you made? How have you avoided it?

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