3 Tips On Choosing The Right Typeface

Typeface choice is one of the most important decisions you make when designing, for example, a book or a book cover. Besides the cover photo or illustration used. Among the very first reading impression that a reader gets from a book is the choice of a typeface used. Therefore the typeface used on a book cover is important from preparing readers on the content and reading experience they would have.

On other media, the choice of typography is likewise important as it aid conveys in conveying the message together with the content.

There are exist numerous ways of choosing, the three commonly used ways for typeface choice.

Pairing typeface families

Pairing two typefaces start by defining the aim of the project and the message that need to be conveyed : leading to harmony and contrast. A complementary typeface is chosen from the superfamilies comprised of both serif and sans serif fonts. Some of my favorite type superfamilies are Fontin/Fontin Sans and Liberation Serif/LiberationSans.

Consider functionality

It is important to always think about function as well as the form of the typeface. It is recommended to consider the functionality of the typeface from the start. Therefore any design decision on typeface selection needs to be the result of effective thinking. The fact that you like a typeface doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to convey the right messages to your target audience.


Always test your type in ways that are relevant to the project. You don’t know if a typeface is suitable until you’ve seen it at the right size and tested. You consider whether the character spacing, stroke weight, the letter height, character shapes, and direction of the axis (either vertical or angled). You need a realistic idea of how it’s going to look.

How do you choose a typeface for your design before implementation?


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