3 Design Tips That Attract Customers Through Signs

signage design guidlinesWith the current tech-centric and high-paced world, we’re often talking about advertising and marketing online and over mobile. But in the case of grabbing people’s attention, sometimes a good, old-fashioned sign can be of use. Many small-business owners find in-store signage and graphics effective in attracting customers.

Independent of the preferences, the sign design can have a significant influence on a company’s ability to acquire new customers.

The three important design principles all business owners need to keep in mind when designing posters, banners, and signage at large.

  • Compelling color. The choice of color plays a huge role in a well-designed sign. Think of “Safaricom’s green” or “Coke red”.  Often, color can help convey a brand’s identity.
  • Contrast for readability. It is a huge factor for any engaging sign. A sign’s contrast will usually determine its readability. Contrast, therefore.

Most signs will include either text or graphics in the foreground, with a continuous background color. The contrast between these two items is critical to the viewer’s retention of the content.

For example, you might consider a dark color on a very light background, or the opposite of that – black on white or white on blue. Pairing similar colors can decrease a sign’s readability.

A weak color contrast can be strengthened with an outline or drop shadow around the foreground lettering. Adding a border around the text or graphic also increases reading speed.

  • Also size matters. In simple terms, the larger the letter, the easier it is to read. This is especially important if you’re creating roadside signage or signs that will be displayed at a significant distance.

Use of different typefaces also affects legibility. As you may want to use a script font to convey a certain style, it may be difficult for people to read it from a great viewing distance.


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